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Dawn of Darkness

(published 2016)


"My name is Dr. Michael Haaland. I hold two PhDs in Human Psychology and Sociology. I believe that I am the last of my kind. This is my attempt to pass on the story of the end of our species on the planet Earth.

For anyone or anything who might find this, it is my version of what went wrong. I don’t want anyone to look back on our civilization and wonder what happened. Where did an entire race, nay, planetary biome go? It wasn’t a comet, polar shift or even global climate change. It was us. We did this to ourselves. I always believed that humankind would kill itself but I could never decide on the when or how. Well the when is now and I am going to explain the how."

Death of a Muse

"What is a Muse… artistic inspiration incarnate, gods, demi-gods?  She is all that, more and nothing all at the same time.  Sometimes she is deafened by the cries of the desperate, undeserving souls who think their mere existence justifies immediate graces.  These are the unfortunate who do not understand the nature of the arts.  They have no understanding that it takes swirling the heart, the soul, and energy to even touch the artistic void where pure passion spawns from nothingness.  She saves her energy for those, the few that have the mark on their soul.  She does not imbue enlightenment or inspiration as many think.  She provides love, light, and energy.  By bestowing those raw attributes she allows the artist to use them as they need."